About Us

Result-oriented, passionate Management professional with several years of experience in Trade Compliance and Logistics Management operations. Strong focus on driving efficiency and improving operational risk mitigation while maintaining cost control. Excellent problem-solving abilities coupled with good understanding of process optimization practices to meet business demands in high-pressure environments. Recognized as a competent leader having led cross-cultural teams from diverse backgrounds and managing them effectively through strong mentoring & coaching skills, successfully managed people at all levels both internal and external. Self-motivated individual who can work independently with limited supervision without compromising work quality or deadlines even under pressure.

Let’s sit down for a word ….


Despite the fact that we sit down with our partners with almost 30 years of experience in foreign trade and logistics to discuss joint cooperation, we consider it of utmost importance in every case to be exactly aware of what is happening on the other side of the table.


From the beginning, we strive to establish long-term cooperation not only with our customers but also with our partners. Thus, in addition to having concentrated in-house competence, we also accept special challenges with calm confidence.


In addition to our extensive professional knowledge, our professionally founded decisions are also supported by our well-known background. This not only provides reassurance to our partners but also guarantees quality to the authorities.

Knowledge is a value, but it does matter how and, in what form we get it. Many businesses face a shortage of professionals, which means a problem spilling over into more and more fields. Depending on the size of the company, a truly good and value-adding professional may become unavailable due to a lack of resources.


With its team of specialists, Milhoffer’s not only helps its partners in foreign trade and logistics to optimize their costs, but also tailors everything to their business needs.


Despite the fact that our expertise base includes complex competences, we also solve our own operations as efficiently as possible, so we have the expertise of the big players in a unique way on the market.


We give our clients what already works for us, an efficient, transparent structure free of unnecessary fixed costs.


Contact us if you also want to get the maximum efficiency out of your company's logistics and foreign trade activities.

At Milhoffer’s our core value is time.


We appreciate the time and experience that our experts have invested in themselves and their profession, so that they can provide the best in relation to questions and challenges arising in  the field of logistics and foreign trade, not only for domestic but also for transnational businesses as well.


We value the time of our customers, thus, we sit at the table with our partners with a simple, straight-to-the-point approach, giving the best of our expertise. No room for side-talk, because just like our customers' time, our time is money.


We appreciate our experts time, thus knowing the limitations of our diversified competence base well, and thanks to our community formed over the past 30 years, we know in all cases, who is the most appropriate specialist for each challenging cases.


We value the time we invest in our business relations, thus we strive for long-term, successful business partnerships.


Milhoffer's team of experts deals with the facilitation, full organization, monitoring and even complete outsourcing of international logistics and foreign trade activities.


We help our clients create optimal operating conditions by providing trade compliance consulting related to logistics and foreign trade activities, customs matters, and optimizing taxation related to foreign trade activities.


Regardless of the size of the company, we flexibly serve the needs of our partners, so we can set up the best processes and achieve results by building an organization within the company or working for the company, with interim or long-term operation.


Regardless of location or cultural differences, we perform the tasks arising in the field of logistics and foreign trade efficiently and in accordance with the legislation.

The organization of Milhoffer Trade Compliance Advisory gathers together the best experts in Hungary, who work to ensure that our partners organize their foreign trade and logistics activities as efficiently and optimally as possible.


Our team has comprehensive expertise in foreign trade and logistics, about:

- Customs administration, customs advisory, customs clearance

- Waste management, EPR

- Excise administration and consulting

- Advisory on international shipping/logistics

- Advisory on Trade Compliance

- Interim management

- The complete outsourcing of logistics

- The acquisition of permits, auditing, operation


We approach our client's business in a simple and straightforward manner in order to build a system that can withstand time and change.

We are building a house that we would like to move into